ようこそ (Welcome)! My name is Stephanie and I am spending 1 year in Japan with Rotary Youth Exchange.

Welcome to my blog! I will be posting once a week about my time here in Japan. I I will focus on the unique Japanese culture and how it compares to Canada in my blog posts.

Check out the About Me page to learn more! Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions through the Contact Me page as well. Happy reading!

  • November 3rd-November 9th

    20th November 2019 by

    This week started off with a giant Rotary Conference in my city where all of the exchange students had to give a short speech in Japanese to an audience of over 2000 people! This was followed by a delicious dinner of many foods that I cannot name. Since moving to Japan, I have adopted the… Read more

  • November 10th-November 16th

    18th November 2019 by

    This week was extremely busy since I changed host families for the first time on exchange. The task of moving my two suitcases worth of stuff to a new home 20 minutes away sounded simple, but boy was I wrong. This particular situation I can only describe with a quote from Winnie the Pooh- “How… Read more

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